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Forex Signals, Professional Mentorship Services and Automated trading

ProFx offers complete trading courses to equip individuals with the necessary skills to become proficient Forex traders or financial traders capable of trading the largest and most liquid market that operates 24/7. Additionally, we provide accurate and reliable trading signals to keep you one step ahead in the forex market. And if you prefer a hands-off approach, our automated trading bot can handle the trading for you. Whether you're new to trading or an experienced trader, ProFx has the tools and guidance you need to succeed in the forex market.

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Leave market swings to our integrated auto-trading bots, help you buy low sell high automatically 24/7 while you spend time doing things you love and with the people you love

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ProFx Allows you to learn on your own schedule, so that there's no pressure or force to move forward until you're entirely ready.

Achieve your trading success.


Level up your forex game with our comprehensive courses. Learn valuable skills and strategies for trading success.

Our comprehensive courses cater to traders of all skill levels, delving into crucial topics like technical analysis, fundamental analysis, risk management, and trading psychology. Our interactive learning materials, video tutorials, quizzes, and assignments heighten the learning experience and foster engagement. Additionally, we provide unwavering support and mentorship to empower students in their trading journey. Join us today and unlock your trading potential!


Let our bot handle your trades for you! Sit back and relax while our advanced technology does the work.

Our bots utilize sophisticated algorithms and strategies to automate trading processes. We offer customization options to tailor the bots to your specific trading preferences and risk tolerance. With backtesting capabilities, you can assess bot performance using historical data. Rest assured, we provide regular updates and improvements to ensure optimal functionality. Join us and experience the power of our cutting-edge trading bots!



Boost your trading success with copy trading! Connect your account to a master account and replicate their profitable trades. Start trading like a pro today!

Your shortcut to success in the Forex market! By connecting your personal trading account to a master account, you can automatically copy the trades made by the master. It's like having a pro trader on your side, making profitable trades for you!Don't miss out on this innovative tool that can amplify your trading potential! Start copy Profx trading today and watch your profits soar!


Trade smart and stay informed with our accurate forex signals! Maximize your profits with our expert guidance

Get real-time trading recommendations based on meticulous market analysis. We prioritize accuracy, consistency, and timely delivery of signals. Whether you're into intraday, swing, or long-term trading, we've got you covered. Choose from our diverse subscription plans to meet your specific needs and budget. Join us today and elevate your trading game!


Start Winning in Forex

Our affordable pricing structure ensures that you can access our services without breaking the bank. We have carefully designed our packages to offer exceptional value for the investment, allowing you to benefit from our expertise and cutting-edge technology without compromising on quality.


$49 / Package

  • 1 Month 98% Signal
  • Daily Market Analysis
  • Management tools
  • Support
  • powerful user panel


$100 / Package

  • Get confirmation of your strategy
  • Identify entry points
  • Identify trend
  • Works on all market and devices


$210 / Package

  • 1 year 98% Signal
  • Support
  • Daily Market Overview
  • Management tools
  • Advance Options
  • powerful user panel


$350 / Package

  • Lifetime 98% Signal
  • Daily market overview
  • Management tools
  • Advance Options
  • support
  • powerful user panel


$500 / Package

  • Educative trading courses and videos
  • Expert market insight and analysis
  • Complete Perfect Price Action Analysis
  • Live Trading Sessions
  • 2 Months VIP Access


$900 / Package

  • Fully Automated
  • TIMEFRAME : 30 mins
  • TARGET : 20-30% Monthly
  • 90-95% Accuracy


$1,000 / Package

  • Educative Trading Course and Videos
  • Expert Market insight and analysis
  • Complete Perfect Price Action Analysis
  • Live Trading session
  • Lifetime VIP Access
  • One on One Training


$1,450 / Package

  • 1 time payment
  • 98-100% accuracy
  • Auto SL TRAIL
  • PASS PROPFIRM in few minutes
  • Pair: INDICES

ProFx AI

$500 / Package

  • Pair: All Pairs
  • TF: 30 Mins
  • Minimum Deposit: $200
  • Target: 50-70% Monthly


$600 / Package

  • Fully Automated
  • TF:1 min
  • Strategy:Hedge&Martingale

Fund Management

$1,000 / Package

  • Minimumum account-$10k
  • $10k-$49k account -$1k service charge
  • $50k-$100k account -$2k service charge
  • $100k+ account -$3k service charge

What's Included in ProFx

Forex Signals, Professional Mentorship Services and Automated trading. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, we have got you covered. Once you sign up you will receive detailed information explaining how the Forex Services work.

In Depth Forex Market Analysis
Forex Signal Notification Alert
Direct Email Signal
3-5 VIP Forex Signals Daily
Experienced Forex Trade Experts
Automated Trading

We are only as good as our clients say we are

Listen to what our Clients have to say about us.

Ralph Farber

ProFx Bot User

"I have been using Profx bot for several weeks, and it has exceeded my expectations. The bot executes trades based on my predefined strategies flawlessly, saving me a significant amount of time and effort. The performance of the bot has been outstanding, consistently delivering profitable trades. It has become an essential tool in my trading arsenal, and I highly recommend it to fellow traders."

Chukwualuka Obiora

Signal Subscriber

The forex signals provided by Profx have been instrumental in my trading journey. The signals are accurate and delivered in a timely manner. They have helped me identify profitable trading opportunities and make informed trading decisions. I have experienced consistent growth in my trading account since subscribing to Profx signals service. It's definitely worth the investment!"

Vince Karole


enrolled in PROFX Academy's forex trading course, and it was a game-changer for me. The course material was well-structured and covered all the essential aspects of trading. The instructors were knowledgeable and provided valuable insights. Thanks to the course, I gained a solid foundation in forex trading and improved my trading skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions about ProFx?

What Payment methods do you offer?

We currently accept cryptocurrency, for easy and swift transactions we prefer the cryptocurrency payment methods as we have a lot of Crypto assets to receive payment from.

I have Issue with my account what do I do?

Kindly contact our support through any of our contact mediums and we'll be eager to help.

At what time and GMT+ do you start working?

We analyze all market sessions. We also have 24-hour support and you can contact us at any time.

Do I need any specific background or trading experience in order to enjoy Profx and become a profitable trader?

There is no need for you to be an expert – let us play this role. The service we offer is a good one for people who are looking for a great improvement in their trading skills or for those who just need some extra trading opportunities. This is an opportunity given to the beginners and also to traders with some FX trading experience.

How does ProFx handle my Privacy?

All information regarding our users and their portfolios will never be disclsed to any one. If you feel like your privacy has been violated kindly contact the support for proper actions.

I have a stuck transaction, what do I do?

We apologize for inconvenience, send the transaction ID to any of our messaging means to resolve it.

What are PROFX Tools?

Our Tools are quite easy to enforce and can also be followed with no difficulties by everyone who wants to. Our team of experts analyses and focus on the best profitable opportunities. We give information about: 1 When is the best time for you to trade? 2 What is the best way for you to trade? 3 Which one of the currency pair is good to choose?

How can you help me?

We can suggest some high-quality services which are especially appropriate for the beginners and active traders, as well. FX Tools: The service is both efficient and quite simplified. And because of these advantages each trader can gain more from Forex Trading at all.

Everything about Trading can be better with ProFx

At ProFx, Our commitment is to Maximize your forex investment yield, Elevate your forex trading profits and Enhance your forex trading success

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